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According to Hindu Literature, there are four states of consciousness of a being.

The first stage is the wakeful stage.

The second stage is the dream stage.

The third stage is that of deep sleep.

And the fourth stage is called ‘Turiya’.


Turiya stage has also been referred to as a transcendental state (Sharma, 2005). In this state of being, the individual is able to have access to cosmic consciousness. And according to Sharma, there are two ways of reaching this state. In the first way, meditation leads us to Turiya. And in the second way, which he refers to as ‘darshan’, spiritual experiences of direct perception allow us to reach Turiya. If you find this interesting, do check out his work in the reference mentioned below.



Sharma, S. (2005). Quantum States of Mind: Ordinary Perception to Extra-ordinary Perception. PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDIES-UNIVERSITY OF CALICUT50(1), 9.

Note about the image: The lady is sitting in a yoga asana called ‘Padmasana’. This posture is often used in meditation. Some people may find it difficult to sit like this. How about you give it a try?

If you aren’t successful, no worries. Find a good yoga instructor and s/he’ll guide you right to it. Many people choose it sit in other sitting positions like Siddhasana, Vajrasana, Sukhasana etc. The main point is to keep the spine comfortably erect.



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